I am a freelance photographer based near Windsor. Instead of studying photography at college I learnt my trade

through a combination of teaching myself, evening classes and working as a medical photographer.

My work is focused on environmental portraiture and social documentary. I work with my subjects in a

collaborative way to tell their story so that they have control over how they show themselves and their circumstances.

Research and listening form the basis of my self driven projects; spending time with the people involved, listening and

winning their trust allows a genuine connection between me and the sitter. This engenders imagery that both reflects a

more truthful representation of circumstances and the shared ideas and experiences.

I’m currently working as a Photographer in Residence at SHOC  - a charity that supports homeless  people.

I’ve recently collaborated with Slough Council in their neighbourhood scheme that aims to gather first hand feedback

from both young people and adults and their views about their neighbourhood.

I’m tutor the OCA  (Open College of the Arts)photography degree course.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the students I meet. Not only do they hopefully benefit from my observations and comments,

but I’m often given glimpses of work and ideas that spark new thoughts and possibilities.