Buy to Let

I found this site while working on the SHOC residency. The billboards demonstrates one of the factors at the heart of homelessness – a lot of new builds are given over to letting and the rents charged disenfranchises a group of people from affordable accommodation.

Empty space – portrait location?

Came across this site – on the face of it nothing special. But what caught my eye was the litter of abandoned toys or at least parts of toys strewn across the floor. These together with the other elements make it an interesting location full of possible interpretations that would work well for the SHOC […]

All is not necessarily what it seems

I was chasing down some loose ends: First I wanted to catch the contradiction of old and new that I had seen while the finishing touches were being given to”The Curve” in Slough. Second the report that a homeless site had been “bulldozed”. The results made me think about stereo types: The two men outside “The […]

Giving the lie to the stereotype

Made homeless – I don’t know why – but her life revolves around her two dogs and their shelter is now the car. SHOC provides food and support. It gives the lie to the homeless stereotypical image – the dirty coat, the matted hair, someone who doesn’t look after themselves let alone others.  

“If we weren’t here, there would be so many people with nothing”

Mandy – SHOC Project Manager. We were looking around for a location for Mandy’s portrait – somewhere that held a significance and a link to the spaces SHOC clients use. St Mary’s church is a regular haunt for clients and this doorway at St Mary’s church with it’s dappled sunshine, rich tones in the wood and the sanctuary metaphor […]


The litter is an eyesore but there is a difference between a homeless site in the woods where people have been evicted and a night stop over beside the Thames where people couldn’t be bothered to take their rubbish away and dispose of it properly.

Homeless Death Sites

Found out about another person who died sleeping rough. This time underneath the flyover by McDonalds near Jubilee River in Slough. He lay here for three months before being discovered! It underscores how much outside the purview of services these people are and how much they are forsaken!


Good to see young people from NCS helping to publicise the work of the Maidenhead foodshare programme. Their artwork encapsulates the ethos of local people lending a helping hand to those in need.